Raye Chand, “Rin”, Digital Artist

My name is Raye Chand or Rin online and i’m a Nepali Nonbinary artist! I had wanted to see myself in cartoons growing but I never could–there never was a good south asian cartoon character, let alone a Nepali one. Due to this, I’m very passionate about creating content for minority children, especially for those who feel they have no voice or representation. I’m a Goth-Punk history nerd who enjoys subverting tropes to show real people, experiences, and a little bit of history along side it! I’m also a graphic artist with focus in story art, illustration, and concept art, dabbling in mixing horror/Gothic themes with family content.

The first thing a child will see is the cartoons that we put out, so between their family life and fiction, that IS their politics. Being a child tends to be taken less seriously as we age, but that part of us never leaves! It shapes everything that we do as adults–so we should equally create work that lets them know we take their experiences from trauma to happiness seriously. The 80’s got it all wrong; Kids media shouldn’t be for money, it should be for the benefit of a child’s mind and heart.

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Intersex trans man. Follow me on social media for more articles!

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