Quick and Dirty Guides

3 Beginning Steps for Twitter Content Creators

If you’re a content creator, having a Twitter account is an essential tool for expanding your audience and reaching out to existing fans. Here’s a quick and dirty guide to starting your Twitter journey.

  1. Split your Twitter engagement into separate accounts based on your output. Keep a personal account specifically for you, and a separate account for each of your projects. Retweet posts made from your specific project accounts to your main account. This is especially important if you ever decide to start a new project or end an existing project but want a hub for your followers to contact you specifically.

    (Note: This is essential if some of your work contains adult themes. Keep anything that you wouldn’t want someone below the age of 18 to see on its own account, and flag it as NSFW. That way, you stay safe and avoid violating Twitter’s policies.)
  2. Follow content creators in your field and talk to them. If you want a place to start, our website has content creators organized by their primary interests. If you’re a graphic artist, for example, search for graphic artists that work in your style or have similar fandom inspirations.

    Twitter itself has a variety of ways to find people with your interests. Follow anyone who makes work that seems interesting to you – no matter what their follower count, anyone could be a new potential connection or client.
  3. Reach out by direct messaging other people in your field and commenting on their related tweets. We recommend that you treat people with the same level of respect that you would want to be treated, and not mindlessly spam strangers with the same generic message. Mention what you liked about their work, and talk about the work that you do that relates to their field.

By Dog Knife

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