Hannah McKnight, Writer

My name is Hannah McKnight and I am writing a book titled ‘In-Between: Balancing a Life Between Genders’.  This is a book about t-girls like myself who identify and live as two genders and how to achieve a balance between the two.  I write about everything from relationships to overcoming dysphoria to sex and I am actively looking for a publisher. 

I also keep a blog that focuses on activism, fashion, and advice in the transcommunity.  In addition to my writing, I also run a social/support group for transwomen in Minnesota called the MN T-Girls.  The mission of the MN T-Girls is to provide a safe and supportive group to help others go out into the real world.  Presenting as the gender you identify as in society can be a scary thing, and it’s much safer and fun to do that in a group.  Each month we go out to dinner, or attend a play, visit a museum or hit the mall. 

By Dog Knife

Intersex trans man. Follow me on social media for more articles!

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