Graphic Artists

Ian Haramaki (Cometkins), Graphic Artist

My name is Ian, I’m 25 years old and from the state of Colorado in the US. I’m a digital artist and have been freelancing for over 10 years, working primarily on adoptables and pet sites such as Kaylune, Misticpets, Anatheria, and PetRPG. I frequently table at fan conventions across the country with both originals and fan works, but have been branching out to originals only with my paleo art brand Primordial Pals.

I have also finally finished a 2 year project recreating a physical version of the Deck of Many Things from Dungeons and Dragons, a game that has been vital to me and my transition. Follow me on my socials for updates about the Kickstarter, for dinosaurs, for D&D, and more! Commissions always open!

Social Media:
Dinosaur Website:
Etsy: Teepublic:

By Dog Knife

Intersex trans man. Follow me on social media for more articles!

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