Graphic Artists

Shawn Sykes, Graphic Artist

 As a queer artist, in my personal work I strive to showcase diversity in my artwork. I work hard to make content that someone, somewhere, can look at and see themself in. Working primarily in digital media, I take on freelance work regularly for private clients, bringing their ideas to life with my illustrations.

Currently I am looking into working with other mediums, to round out my skills in more areas so that I can create more things that are important to myself, my clients, and anyone who will see my work.  Along with my artwork, I am also fairly active online in talking about and discussing sociopolitical issues, and in my own local community am working on networking with LGBTQA+ organizations to create educational resources for adults and minors on Queer History. I used to be an educator professionally and it’s still an important part of my work, both in my community and in my art.

They also wrote about the importance of safe and inclusive spaces for minors in the community based off of their own experience.

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By Dog Knife

Intersex trans man. Follow me on social media for more articles!

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