Blacklist: October Evans

Were you scammed by October Evans? Do you have information that could lead to a resolution for her victims or help prevent other people from being targeted in the future? Please send us a message via our Contact form with more information.

Sign the petition to ban October Evans from Fetlife here.

October Evans is a trans woman who claims to be a musician and a sex worker. She has a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and CuriousCat. She initially applied for a feature on Phoenix Collective for her music. After promoting her feature, we were contacted by members of the community that brought evidence of her harassment. When we added her to our blacklist, she began to target members of our organization.

Since midsummer 2019, she has been harassing members of various communities online through various semi-anonymous messaging platforms such as CuriousCat and disposible email. She will assume the identities of other sex workers and send emails pretending to be them through disposible email sites such as ProtonMail. She’s known for being obscene and using racial slurs in those emails. She went so far so far as to threaten to hang herself in front of the house of one of her victims.

All of her current projects have been determined to be illegitimate, either using stolen content made by other artists or straight up fraudulent projects.

  • Do not consider any message involving her representing another individual as being legitimate.
  • Do not send funds to her for any reason.

For more information on the data gathered on October Evans so far or to submit documentation, read this Google Doc and browse this Google Drive.

Note: October Evans has a habit of impersonating actual public figures and small organizations, such as Member Blast. Due to the fact that she is constantly changing her handles, we have decided that we aren’t going to keep an updated list of new addresses but instead encourage people to practice good internet safety. We encourage you to continue to send screenshots.

  • Always verify that the email address that contacted you is spelled exactly like the verified contact information of the person you’re supposed to be talking to, including the domain (whatever comes after @).
  • Don’t share personal information including any form of payment method with strangers over email.

Bandzoggle update: After months of petitioning Bandzoggle, October Evans has been removed from their site. Bandzoggle’s official stance has been in support of October Evans and they have not released an update regarding this.

She is known for using Bandzoggle to send out mass confirmation emails for subscriptions to her music site. If your email is being targeted by these confirmation emails, you are encouraged to contact Bandzoggle on their website and make a post about the issue tagging them on Twitter.

Activists Ranchers

Penellope Logue, Tenacious Unicorn Ranch

Hi, I am Penellope Logue, CEO of The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch. My company is a transgender collective building a thriving, self sustaining alpaca ranch in northern Colorado. We process alpaca fiber into yarn, sell chicken and duck eggs and make our land available to local queer youth and adults who want to learn about ranching and sustainable living. Our goal as a company is to provide a safe, growth positive environment for queer folk to be themselves and not worry about the day to day violence and discrimination faced by most trans and gender nonconforming folks.

We are not separatist, we just believe that by staying together as a group and working towards a goal we are safer and better able to navigate the current landscape in America. Our mission is to create something that outlives us and gives queer folk of many generations a sustainable income and place to thrive.

Social Media Links:

Graphic Artists

Shawn Sykes, Graphic Artist

 As a queer artist, in my personal work I strive to showcase diversity in my artwork. I work hard to make content that someone, somewhere, can look at and see themself in. Working primarily in digital media, I take on freelance work regularly for private clients, bringing their ideas to life with my illustrations.

Currently I am looking into working with other mediums, to round out my skills in more areas so that I can create more things that are important to myself, my clients, and anyone who will see my work.  Along with my artwork, I am also fairly active online in talking about and discussing sociopolitical issues, and in my own local community am working on networking with LGBTQA+ organizations to create educational resources for adults and minors on Queer History. I used to be an educator professionally and it’s still an important part of my work, both in my community and in my art.

They also wrote about the importance of safe and inclusive spaces for minors in the community based off of their own experience.

Social Media Links:
Twitter | Patreon | Facebook | Ko-Fi | FurAffinity | Deviantart

Academics Graphic Artists Musicians Writers

Charl Landsberg, Multi-Media Creator

Charl Landsberg is an artist, musician, and poet from South Africa who’s work often takes on issues surrounding social justice. They studied Theology and Biblical Studies at the University of KwaZulu Natal where they received their Masters in Biblical Studies with a special focus on South African feminism, theology, and HIV and AIDS. Landsberg has been immersed in music and art since a very young age. They have played piano and guitar on stage country wide and their art work has appeared in multiple galleries. They are a regular contributor to the poetry journal Poetry Potion and has appeared in multiple of Poetry Potion’s print editions, including poetry and editorials. Landsberg has recently moved to Cape Town with the hopes of returning to academia and to pursue more lofty goals in art, music, and poetry.

Poetry Potion Archive:
Poetry Blog:

Graphic Artists

Seosamh “Joe” Lily, Artist

I’m Seosamh “Joe” Lily, a trans artist and a hazy memory of the 1980s. Both in comics and my personal traditional practise, I focus on identity, and how this is shaped through transness, queerness, trauma, diaspora, fatness… this takes both a literal and magical realist form, whether through the genre-based framework like SUPERPOSE, the massive sci-fi comic series I make with my partner Anka, or the trans-centred iconography of my paintings. I’m older now, but I spent so much of my life uncertain of how to merge myself with the world, how to make it through “properly”, “appropriately”, “despite” being a trans and gay boy. My work is an undoing of that stuck position. It’s embracing, processing and deconstructing the good and the hurt, on my terms, in my image or the ones I know/seek to know. If it’s not a home, it’s at least a shelter, or a map, and a conversation. I love this about it, very much.

Social Media Links:

Instagram: @saint_vagrant
Twitter: @saint_vagrant
Tumbr: saint-vagrant


Hannah McKnight, Writer

My name is Hannah McKnight and I am writing a book titled ‘In-Between: Balancing a Life Between Genders’.  This is a book about t-girls like myself who identify and live as two genders and how to achieve a balance between the two.  I write about everything from relationships to overcoming dysphoria to sex and I am actively looking for a publisher. 

I also keep a blog that focuses on activism, fashion, and advice in the transcommunity.  In addition to my writing, I also run a social/support group for transwomen in Minnesota called the MN T-Girls.  The mission of the MN T-Girls is to provide a safe and supportive group to help others go out into the real world.  Presenting as the gender you identify as in society can be a scary thing, and it’s much safer and fun to do that in a group.  Each month we go out to dinner, or attend a play, visit a museum or hit the mall. 

Graphic Artists Photographers Videographers Writers

Glides, Multi-Media

Glides is a nonbinary person currently living in Atlanta. They continue to work on projects of various sorts, most often as a writer, videographer/editor and photographer but looking to expand into other ventures soon enough. Their current pastimes, which may or may not change depending on the weather and their horoscope, include tabletop RPGs, socializing with friends old and new, and the occasional existential crisis, time permitting. The majority of their work is self-published, ranging from film reviews to original content, and they plan to begin working on either a YouTube channel or a podcast soon once they’ve received word on which will be a greater portent for future events. As far as commissions go, they’ve worked either with OC or licensed characters, and try to keep everything PG-13 rated when possible.

They can be most easily contacted for commissions on their Instagram, @mx_glides, and rates are negotiable depending on the length of work and what exactly might be needed.

Social Media Contact Links
Letterboxd | Twitter

Graphic Artists

Jae, Digital Artist

Hi! My name is Jae (known by many as The Dog Leech) and I am trans-feminine digital artist operating out of Virginia. I have been an artist since I was a child, but I have only been serious about it for the last eight years. While I cannot make a living through my art right now, I treat it like a full-time job, and typically draw for 8-14 hours a day. I first found a small amount of success drawing people’s D&D characters and posting podcast fanart on Twitter. The confidence and growth I gained through these portraits eventually led me to my true dream: creating my own webcomic. I am now the proud author of Children of Carinia, hosted on Webtoon. It is a fantasy comic that features many LGBTQ+ characters, primarily two girls who find their feelings for one another over the course of time.  

There were several goals I had when initially writing Children of Carinia, but first and foremost was a desire to give my female and LGBTQ+ characters an appeal not only to those who relate to them, but also to those who do not; to build my characters up to be respectable and amazing in their own right to any reader. My hope is for it to bridge the gap between straight/cisgender people and my very gay main characters, instead of excluding them and creating distance.

My characters all have a unique style, which I blend from many sources when I design a them, including (but not limited to): anime, 3D characters (think Overwatch, Pixar, etc…), western superhero comics and, perhaps most importantly, real people. Whether I am doing a commissioned portrait, or even the most insignificant panel of my comic, I take shading and lighting very seriously, typically adding at least 6-9 layers of light and shadow to each panel. I also emphasize the importance of environments in my work. This was not something I was originally skilled in, but over time I have grown to love drawing vast landscapes and complex architectural scenery for use in my comics and portraits. It is very important to me that I continue to enhance this skill as I grow. I take a lot of my environmental inspiration from the beautiful, ruined scenery in Dark Souls.

While I love working with others to bring their visions to life, my passion lies in continuing to build Children of Carinia into the vast epic it deserves to be. It is not an exaggeration to say that my involvement in the world I created has not only changed my life, but has probably saved it. While I don’t expect it to have that drastic of an effect on others, I do know that it already means a lot to a many young people who don’t feel like they are seen by the creators of serious stories.


Graphic Artists

Ian Haramaki (Cometkins), Graphic Artist

My name is Ian, I’m 25 years old and from the state of Colorado in the US. I’m a digital artist and have been freelancing for over 10 years, working primarily on adoptables and pet sites such as Kaylune, Misticpets, Anatheria, and PetRPG. I frequently table at fan conventions across the country with both originals and fan works, but have been branching out to originals only with my paleo art brand Primordial Pals.

I have also finally finished a 2 year project recreating a physical version of the Deck of Many Things from Dungeons and Dragons, a game that has been vital to me and my transition. Follow me on my socials for updates about the Kickstarter, for dinosaurs, for D&D, and more! Commissions always open!

Social Media:
Dinosaur Website:
Etsy: Teepublic:


Laura Platt, Musician

I’m a pianist, composer, and music producer for video-game music, and a bi/pan trans woman! In addition to my semi-successful YouTube channel and Spotify where I arrange, perform, and produce video-game music arrangements (“Laura Platt” for both”), I’ve also worked with Gears For Breakfast as a music producer on their album “A Hat In Time: B-Sides” and as an orchestration assistant for their collaboration with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra in the “Gaming In Concert” concert series. My work was also featured briefly by Blizzard/PlayOverwatch in their animated short “Training Regimine”.

Spotify | YouTube | Twitter

Graphic Artists

Ian, Graphic Artist

My name is Ian and I’m a 25 y/o trans man from Brazil. I’ve started selling my art online on Redbubble and Society6 as a resource to have some kind of income since I was unemployed and treating a deep depression, doing that eventually turned out to be very therapeutic. Nowadays I’m a pastry student and vegan, two of my biggest goals are: 1) having top surgery done and 2) opening a vegan bakery!


Graphic Artists

Miindohil Roarar, Digital Artist

I’m a digital artist specializing in furries, dragons, animals, other mythical creatures, and humanoids. Characters of nearly all kinds are my favorite things to draw. I often record my progress and make speedpaints from my work. I’m self-taught and have been drawing for more than 10 years.

Social Media Links
I’ve also just recently started making my own enamel pins, which I am selling on Etsy, and I’m also selling designs on Redbubble.
I’m on Patreon (,
Twitter (,
Tumblr (,
deviantART (,
FurAffinity (,
Redbubble (,
and Etsy (

I’m also on Youtube ( and I have my own website! (