Graphic Artists

Janell Ja’rae Thiessen (Phoninskis/Phoney), Illustrator

Pronouns: They/them and He/him

Janell Ja’rae Thiessen, also known as Phoninskis/Phoney online, is a non-binary artist. They focus on Visual Development, Character Design, and Illustration; but they’re also heavily interested in Graphic Design, Story-Boarding, Animation, and Story-telling. You can view their work on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram!

They’re also interested in developing fictional worlds and oddball characters, looking for ways to integrate life-experiences and hardships that make characters realistic, relatable, diverse, and three-dimensional. They have a soft-spot for turning character tropes inside out, old-school video games, the ‘70s/’80s, monsters, and funky music.

Graphic Artists

PeachyMars, Illustrator

Pronouns: They/them/theirs

PeachyMars is a graphic artist. You can find their work on their portfolio page here. They describe themselves as a non-binary full-time illustrator of Puerto Rican descent, and they are looking to connect with other trans artists. To contact them, you can email them at

To describe my work, I feel that my art style is a combination of both western cartoons and anime. I enjoy drawing monsters and fictional creatures, including those that are anthropomorphic/furry. My characters and art are body positive and LGBT friendly, and a number of my characters are trans, LGB, or a combination. I focus on making my stories wholesome and happy, as I feel that many LGBT characters in media don’t get enough happy endings or positive representation. I want to change that for the better and show the world that LGBT folks are just like everyone else, with our own stories and experiences, all deserving of love and appreciation. This also applies in my body positivity.

My art is very important to me and I put my heart and soul into what I do. My main character is nonbinary and often changes their presentation, reflecting my own experience with being nonbinary and genderfluid. I enjoy portraying monsters & aliens most often in my work because I feel like they exist outside the human experience and limitations that society often expects of us, such as gender roles and the gender binary. It is an extremely fun dynamic and set of ideas to explore for me, and has also helped me cope with my identity and love it.

Graphic Artists

Olive Rae Brinker, Comic Artist

Pronouns: She/her

Olive Rae Brinker is a comic artist and the creator of Rae the Doe, an ongoing series of comics about a transgender deer and her daily adventures with her skunk girlfriend Mimi, among other friends!

Rae the Doe is a slice of life style comic with a heavy focus on the transgender experience, mental health, and puns. Rae the Doe uses a simplistic style to convey its message, focusing heavily on dialogue. The tone of the comic is overwhelmingly positive.

On April 4th, Ms. Brinker published her first comic anthology, Rae the Doe Gets Booked, which is available for purchase here.


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