Blacklist: October Evans

Were you scammed by October Evans? Do you have information that could lead to a resolution for her victims or help prevent other people from being targeted in the future? Please send us a message via our Contact form with more information.

Sign the petition to ban October Evans from Fetlife here.

October Evans is a trans woman who claims to be a musician and a sex worker. She has a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and CuriousCat. She initially applied for a feature on Phoenix Collective for her music. After promoting her feature, we were contacted by members of the community that brought evidence of her harassment. When we added her to our blacklist, she began to target members of our organization.

Since midsummer 2019, she has been harassing members of various communities online through various semi-anonymous messaging platforms such as CuriousCat and disposible email. She will assume the identities of other sex workers and send emails pretending to be them through disposible email sites such as ProtonMail. She’s known for being obscene and using racial slurs in those emails. She went so far so far as to threaten to hang herself in front of the house of one of her victims.

All of her current projects have been determined to be illegitimate, either using stolen content made by other artists or straight up fraudulent projects.

  • Do not consider any message involving her representing another individual as being legitimate.
  • Do not send funds to her for any reason.

For more information on the data gathered on October Evans so far or to submit documentation, read this Google Doc and browse this Google Drive.

Note: October Evans has a habit of impersonating actual public figures and small organizations, such as Member Blast. Due to the fact that she is constantly changing her handles, we have decided that we aren’t going to keep an updated list of new addresses but instead encourage people to practice good internet safety. We encourage you to continue to send screenshots.

  • Always verify that the email address that contacted you is spelled exactly like the verified contact information of the person you’re supposed to be talking to, including the domain (whatever comes after @).
  • Don’t share personal information including any form of payment method with strangers over email.

Bandzoggle update: After months of petitioning Bandzoggle, October Evans has been removed from their site. Bandzoggle’s official stance has been in support of October Evans and they have not released an update regarding this.

She is known for using Bandzoggle to send out mass confirmation emails for subscriptions to her music site. If your email is being targeted by these confirmation emails, you are encouraged to contact Bandzoggle on their website and make a post about the issue tagging them on Twitter.