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Breadcells, Digital Artist

Hi! I’m breadcells, but you can call me Matt! I’m 17, FTM transgender (he/him!) and live in England! I mostly do fanart and art of my OCs, though I still have a lot to learn with my art! I do sell some designs as handmade stickers and pin badges, and I do commissions from time to time too.

– Breadcells

You can find Breadcells newest posts on his Instagram page and you can commission his work on Redbubble.

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Shawn Sykes, Graphic Artist

 As a queer artist, in my personal work I strive to showcase diversity in my artwork. I work hard to make content that someone, somewhere, can look at and see themself in. Working primarily in digital media, I take on freelance work regularly for private clients, bringing their ideas to life with my illustrations.

Currently I am looking into working with other mediums, to round out my skills in more areas so that I can create more things that are important to myself, my clients, and anyone who will see my work.  Along with my artwork, I am also fairly active online in talking about and discussing sociopolitical issues, and in my own local community am working on networking with LGBTQA+ organizations to create educational resources for adults and minors on Queer History. I used to be an educator professionally and it’s still an important part of my work, both in my community and in my art.

They also wrote about the importance of safe and inclusive spaces for minors in the community based off of their own experience.

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Charl Landsberg, Multi-Media Creator

Charl Landsberg is an artist, musician, and poet from South Africa who’s work often takes on issues surrounding social justice. They studied Theology and Biblical Studies at the University of KwaZulu Natal where they received their Masters in Biblical Studies with a special focus on South African feminism, theology, and HIV and AIDS. Landsberg has been immersed in music and art since a very young age. They have played piano and guitar on stage country wide and their art work has appeared in multiple galleries. They are a regular contributor to the poetry journal Poetry Potion and has appeared in multiple of Poetry Potion’s print editions, including poetry and editorials. Landsberg has recently moved to Cape Town with the hopes of returning to academia and to pursue more lofty goals in art, music, and poetry.

Poetry Potion Archive:
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Mikaela Tyrrell, Graphic Artist


I’m Mikaela, I’m a trans woman from England. I love drawing, though I just do it as a hobby. I have always wanted to draw comics, but I don’t have the time or the patience.

I do all my art on a little Samsung tablet with stylus.  I rarely plan what I draw, I find it’s best to be surprised by what falls into the page.

Even though I work as a web developer. I have never built a portfolio site for myself. So the only place you can really see anything that I have drawn is on my Tumblr.

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Sev, Graphic Artist


I’m a nonbinary lesbian artist from Austria working in a mixture of traditional & digital art, with my line-art being ink pens on paper and coloring/compositing being done digitally in post. I make an all-ages comic about monster romance in which all characters are LGBT (mostly trans lesbians). The comic is mostly cheerful fluff and jokes, and is meant to show LGBT people of all kinds being loved and being in love. It hasn’t explicitly dealt with the topic of being trans in a strip, but posts on my deviantart as well as pride flag edits and “Monster of the week” bios that I post show that most of the recurring characters are trans.

In my art I try to make a point of showing body hair, different body types, and different skin colors as all being beautiful, and my goal is to depict characters for everyone to find (at least) one that they feel represented in, and see them being shown as worthy of love and (sexual) affection. This means that some of my pieces are pin-ups and erotica explicitly made for trans lesbians.

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Seosamh “Joe” Lily, Artist

I’m Seosamh “Joe” Lily, a trans artist and a hazy memory of the 1980s. Both in comics and my personal traditional practise, I focus on identity, and how this is shaped through transness, queerness, trauma, diaspora, fatness… this takes both a literal and magical realist form, whether through the genre-based framework like SUPERPOSE, the massive sci-fi comic series I make with my partner Anka, or the trans-centred iconography of my paintings. I’m older now, but I spent so much of my life uncertain of how to merge myself with the world, how to make it through “properly”, “appropriately”, “despite” being a trans and gay boy. My work is an undoing of that stuck position. It’s embracing, processing and deconstructing the good and the hurt, on my terms, in my image or the ones I know/seek to know. If it’s not a home, it’s at least a shelter, or a map, and a conversation. I love this about it, very much.

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Instagram: @saint_vagrant
Twitter: @saint_vagrant
Tumbr: saint-vagrant

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Glides, Multi-Media

Glides is a nonbinary person currently living in Atlanta. They continue to work on projects of various sorts, most often as a writer, videographer/editor and photographer but looking to expand into other ventures soon enough. Their current pastimes, which may or may not change depending on the weather and their horoscope, include tabletop RPGs, socializing with friends old and new, and the occasional existential crisis, time permitting. The majority of their work is self-published, ranging from film reviews to original content, and they plan to begin working on either a YouTube channel or a podcast soon once they’ve received word on which will be a greater portent for future events. As far as commissions go, they’ve worked either with OC or licensed characters, and try to keep everything PG-13 rated when possible.

They can be most easily contacted for commissions on their Instagram, @mx_glides, and rates are negotiable depending on the length of work and what exactly might be needed.

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Jae, Digital Artist

Hi! My name is Jae (known by many as The Dog Leech) and I am trans-feminine digital artist operating out of Virginia. I have been an artist since I was a child, but I have only been serious about it for the last eight years. While I cannot make a living through my art right now, I treat it like a full-time job, and typically draw for 8-14 hours a day. I first found a small amount of success drawing people’s D&D characters and posting podcast fanart on Twitter. The confidence and growth I gained through these portraits eventually led me to my true dream: creating my own webcomic. I am now the proud author of Children of Carinia, hosted on Webtoon. It is a fantasy comic that features many LGBTQ+ characters, primarily two girls who find their feelings for one another over the course of time.  

There were several goals I had when initially writing Children of Carinia, but first and foremost was a desire to give my female and LGBTQ+ characters an appeal not only to those who relate to them, but also to those who do not; to build my characters up to be respectable and amazing in their own right to any reader. My hope is for it to bridge the gap between straight/cisgender people and my very gay main characters, instead of excluding them and creating distance.

My characters all have a unique style, which I blend from many sources when I design a them, including (but not limited to): anime, 3D characters (think Overwatch, Pixar, etc…), western superhero comics and, perhaps most importantly, real people. Whether I am doing a commissioned portrait, or even the most insignificant panel of my comic, I take shading and lighting very seriously, typically adding at least 6-9 layers of light and shadow to each panel. I also emphasize the importance of environments in my work. This was not something I was originally skilled in, but over time I have grown to love drawing vast landscapes and complex architectural scenery for use in my comics and portraits. It is very important to me that I continue to enhance this skill as I grow. I take a lot of my environmental inspiration from the beautiful, ruined scenery in Dark Souls.

While I love working with others to bring their visions to life, my passion lies in continuing to build Children of Carinia into the vast epic it deserves to be. It is not an exaggeration to say that my involvement in the world I created has not only changed my life, but has probably saved it. While I don’t expect it to have that drastic of an effect on others, I do know that it already means a lot to a many young people who don’t feel like they are seen by the creators of serious stories.


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Ian Haramaki (Cometkins), Graphic Artist

My name is Ian, I’m 25 years old and from the state of Colorado in the US. I’m a digital artist and have been freelancing for over 10 years, working primarily on adoptables and pet sites such as Kaylune, Misticpets, Anatheria, and PetRPG. I frequently table at fan conventions across the country with both originals and fan works, but have been branching out to originals only with my paleo art brand Primordial Pals.

I have also finally finished a 2 year project recreating a physical version of the Deck of Many Things from Dungeons and Dragons, a game that has been vital to me and my transition. Follow me on my socials for updates about the Kickstarter, for dinosaurs, for D&D, and more! Commissions always open!

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Ian, Graphic Artist

My name is Ian and I’m a 25 y/o trans man from Brazil. I’ve started selling my art online on Redbubble and Society6 as a resource to have some kind of income since I was unemployed and treating a deep depression, doing that eventually turned out to be very therapeutic. Nowadays I’m a pastry student and vegan, two of my biggest goals are: 1) having top surgery done and 2) opening a vegan bakery!


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Miindohil Roarar, Digital Artist

I’m a digital artist specializing in furries, dragons, animals, other mythical creatures, and humanoids. Characters of nearly all kinds are my favorite things to draw. I often record my progress and make speedpaints from my work. I’m self-taught and have been drawing for more than 10 years.

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I’ve also just recently started making my own enamel pins, which I am selling on Etsy, and I’m also selling designs on Redbubble.
I’m on Patreon (,
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I’m also on Youtube ( and I have my own website! (

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Circlejourney, Multi-Media Artist

Hi, I’m Circlejourney, a nonbinary artist who grew up in Singapore. I’m an art generalist, and I’ve taken on projects that run the gamut of illustration, concept art and graphic design, working with fellow creatives and storytellers to bring their visions to life. I especially enjoy illustrating music, and have collaborated with many musicians on track and album illustrations. My commissions open every other month, and I would love to work with you!

In my free time, I pour my creative energy into writing, music, art and code projects, and sometimes projects that combine all four. I love geography, flight, the sea, space, logical systems, and languages, and I think all my work reflects these interests. My current major project is Revolving Door, a multimedia web novel about hundreds of intertwining lives scattered across twelve universes, and a plot that connects them together.

I also make music, and web gizmos, such as this island generator, a web app for taking stylised pixelated selfies, and Angel, a mini room escape game.

Through my creative endeavors, I seek to explore themes of alternate histories and futures, isolation and connection, memory, forgetting, and meaning in an inherently meaningless universe. We each carry a universe in our minds, and to me, art is how we bridge the gaps between them.

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