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Cain Wilson, Photographer & Writer

Cain is a trans man currently working in both Daytona Beach, FL and Savannah, GA. He currently has two Associate of Science degrees—one in Photographic Technique and one in Interactive Media. He uses his degrees to further his career in photography and writing. He is looking to expand his ventures and potentially collaborate with other trans and gender non-conforming individuals. Cain does an array of things including photography, poetry, fiction writing, and article writing. He has poetry published in the literary magazines Polaris and In Parentheses and has articles published in the college newspaper Daytona State In Motion. 


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Glides, Multi-Media

Glides is a nonbinary person currently living in Atlanta. They continue to work on projects of various sorts, most often as a writer, videographer/editor and photographer but looking to expand into other ventures soon enough. Their current pastimes, which may or may not change depending on the weather and their horoscope, include tabletop RPGs, socializing with friends old and new, and the occasional existential crisis, time permitting. The majority of their work is self-published, ranging from film reviews to original content, and they plan to begin working on either a YouTube channel or a podcast soon once they’ve received word on which will be a greater portent for future events. As far as commissions go, they’ve worked either with OC or licensed characters, and try to keep everything PG-13 rated when possible.

They can be most easily contacted for commissions on their Instagram, @mx_glides, and rates are negotiable depending on the length of work and what exactly might be needed.

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