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Milena Popova, Writer

Milena Popova is a non-binary writer, researcher, creative consultant, and sensitivity reader based in the UK. Their main expertise is in the representation in popular culture of gender, sexuality, and sexual consent. They also have expertise in bisexual, asexual and trans (particularly non-binary) issues and representation, as well as LGBT workplace issues. Milena is keen to work with creative practitioners at any scale and across the creative industries to help improve representation in these areas through research, consultancy, training, and sensitivity reading. 

Milena obtained their PhD in cultural studies from the Digital Cultures Research Centre, University of the West of England in 2018. Their research is published in journals including Porn Studies, the Journal of Bisexuality, and Transformative Works and Cultures, as well as in essay collections. In 2019, MIT Press published Milena’s book “Sexual Consent” as part of the publisher’s Essential Knowledge Series. Their monograph on sexual consent in fanfiction is also under contract with MIT Press.


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Cain Wilson, Photographer & Writer

Cain is a trans man currently working in both Daytona Beach, FL and Savannah, GA. He currently has two Associate of Science degrees—one in Photographic Technique and one in Interactive Media. He uses his degrees to further his career in photography and writing. He is looking to expand his ventures and potentially collaborate with other trans and gender non-conforming individuals. Cain does an array of things including photography, poetry, fiction writing, and article writing. He has poetry published in the literary magazines Polaris and In Parentheses and has articles published in the college newspaper Daytona State In Motion. 


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Finn Cannon, Songwriter

I’m a young trans guy who values and appreciates art, especially music, very deeply – it is the foundation of my world. As a songwriter, sharing my journey through hardships related to my physical/mental health, self esteem, beliefs and identity is a lifelong task. I aspire to help, comfort and compassionately lift up my friends out there in the world (yeah, you) who go through similar hardships. Sometimes the most personal is the most universal. That is how we connect with one another – through art and stories. 

I aspire to be one of the greats and improve the conditions of the world. I believe in diversity, unity, purpose, love and kindness – all powerful strengths in a seemingly divided society. 

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Charl Landsberg, Multi-Media Creator

Charl Landsberg is an artist, musician, and poet from South Africa who’s work often takes on issues surrounding social justice. They studied Theology and Biblical Studies at the University of KwaZulu Natal where they received their Masters in Biblical Studies with a special focus on South African feminism, theology, and HIV and AIDS. Landsberg has been immersed in music and art since a very young age. They have played piano and guitar on stage country wide and their art work has appeared in multiple galleries. They are a regular contributor to the poetry journal Poetry Potion and has appeared in multiple of Poetry Potion’s print editions, including poetry and editorials. Landsberg has recently moved to Cape Town with the hopes of returning to academia and to pursue more lofty goals in art, music, and poetry.

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Florence Ashley, Jurist and Bioethicist

Florence uses “gay/ghem” and “they/them” pronouns in English. In French, they use both “ille” and “elle”, with feminine grammatical gender.

Florence Ashley is a transfeminine jurist and bioethicist based in the unceded Kanien’kehá:ka lands of Tiohtià:ke (also known as Montreal). They are currently an LL.M. candidate at McGill University Faculty of Law, specialising in bioethics. Their thesis, written under the supervision of Dean Robert Leckey, bears on the legality of conversion therapy targeting gender identity. Florence is a fellow of the McGill Research Group on Health and Law.

Florence currently holds a SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, Master’s Award and previously held an O’Brien Fellowship at the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism. They were granted the Bourse Dorais-Ryan 2017 by the Conseil québécois LGBT, as well as the Start Proud Student Leadership Scholarship 2018.

Florence is a member of the Comité trans of the Conseil québécois LGBT, a member of the Committee on sexual orientation and gender vocabulary of the Office québécois de la langue française, and serves as chair of the advisory board of the Trans Legal Clinic.

Florence was awarded the 2018-2019 Canadian Bar Association’s SOGIC Hero Award for their academic work, advocacy, and leadership in trans communities, becoming the youngest recipient of the award. They were also awarded a Scarlet Key by McGill University in 2019.

In 2019-2020, Florence will be the first openly trans clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada, clerking for Justice Sheilah Martin. Their academic article “Don’t Be So Hateful”, published in the University of Toronto Law Journal, inspired the first special issue on trans law in Canadian history. Their publication in the Journal of Medical Ethics was featured in a National Post article.

In 2019-2020, Florence will be the first openly trans clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada, clerking for Justice Sheilah Martin. Their academic article “Don’t Be So Hateful”, published in the University of Toronto Law Journal, inspired the first special issue on trans law in Canadian history. Their publication in the Journal of Medical Ethics was featured in a National Post article.

Their academic work has been published in the University of Toronto Law Journal​, Service social, the Archive of Sexual Behavior, The American Journal of Bioethics, Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, the Journal of Medical Ethics, the Dalhousie Law Journal, and The Journal of Sexual Medicine. 

They frequently contribute to media conversations, having been interviewed by various media outlets, with publications in The Globe and Mail, CBC Opinions, the Montreal Gazette, Huffington Post, The Conversation, NOW Magazine, The Advocate, INTO More, Le Devoir, La Presse, Le Journal de Montréal, and Journal Métro.





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Hannah McKnight, Writer

My name is Hannah McKnight and I am writing a book titled ‘In-Between: Balancing a Life Between Genders’.  This is a book about t-girls like myself who identify and live as two genders and how to achieve a balance between the two.  I write about everything from relationships to overcoming dysphoria to sex and I am actively looking for a publisher. 

I also keep a blog that focuses on activism, fashion, and advice in the transcommunity.  In addition to my writing, I also run a social/support group for transwomen in Minnesota called the MN T-Girls.  The mission of the MN T-Girls is to provide a safe and supportive group to help others go out into the real world.  Presenting as the gender you identify as in society can be a scary thing, and it’s much safer and fun to do that in a group.  Each month we go out to dinner, or attend a play, visit a museum or hit the mall. 

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Glides, Multi-Media

Glides is a nonbinary person currently living in Atlanta. They continue to work on projects of various sorts, most often as a writer, videographer/editor and photographer but looking to expand into other ventures soon enough. Their current pastimes, which may or may not change depending on the weather and their horoscope, include tabletop RPGs, socializing with friends old and new, and the occasional existential crisis, time permitting. The majority of their work is self-published, ranging from film reviews to original content, and they plan to begin working on either a YouTube channel or a podcast soon once they’ve received word on which will be a greater portent for future events. As far as commissions go, they’ve worked either with OC or licensed characters, and try to keep everything PG-13 rated when possible.

They can be most easily contacted for commissions on their Instagram, @mx_glides, and rates are negotiable depending on the length of work and what exactly might be needed.

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