Social Media Resources

A list of social media resources across sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.


Let’s Crack An Egg

Let’s Crack An Egg is a club for those who want to learn how to cook but don’t quite know where to start! Share your favorite recipes, newest creations, and dream meals with us.

You can visit our website here for our articles (written by both ambitious amateurs and established professionals!) or join our Private Facebook group here.

LGBT Fitness

LGBT Fitness is an alternative to LGBT Crossfit Facebook Groups.

The group is managed by the same team behind Let’s Crack An Egg. We are actively looking for moderators, so please reach out to us if you’re interested.


Trans Artist of the Day is a feature Twitter that retweets posts from transgender and nonbinary artists. They also do individual features for artists who apply through their forms link in their profile.


/transmascish is a subreddit run by Phoenix Collective that is meant to be a support group for transgender men and trans masculine people. This subreddit is heavily moderated. Trans masculine people can post their creative work and questions there, among other things.


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