Genitalia =/= Gender or Attraction Basis and Casual Transphobia in the Cis Community

Ovaettr Speaks Words

Content Warnings: sexuality, genital mention

Cis people, straight or queer, both have a notable bad habit of equating genitalia to gender and attraction to genitalia too, even when claiming to be trans friendly and respecting their trans friend’s pronouns, etc. (all the basics of trans support.) It’s understandable that it is not easy to deprogram these assumption-based biases that appear in casual conversation.

You’ve heard it before, “Lesbians don’t like dick,” “Gay men don’t like vaginas,” etc. Both ultimately are what the implications and hints point to, definitively.

What’s wrong with this thought process? Who does it hurt? Trans people, of course, people who are questioning and in relationships with people who might have one sexuality they think might not include them based on the message of casual transphobia like this. People are complex and unique and there’s many circumstances that change things for people. Gender changes sometimes, not in…

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By Dog Knife

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